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Roger F. Tomlinson, OC (17 November 1933 – 9 February 2014) was an English geographer and the primary originator of modern computerized geographic information systems (GIS), and has been acknowledged as the "father of GIS." - Wikipedia


Esri Story maps are lightweight, open-source web applications. They combine web maps created using ArcGIS Online, Esri's cloud-based mapping system, with multimedia content - text, photos, video, and audio - to interactively tell stories about the world. - Esri Story Maps

This project is a mashup of 2 story map templates to document various notable events throughout Roger's life and the awards he acquired along the way.


Right here on the internet. You can access this webpage [] on any web enabled computer or mobile device.


This project started as a concept for a submission to Esri's Storytelling with Maps Contest, but it will continue to serve as a tribute to the Roger Tomlinson who helped put GIS... on the map* sigh :)

If you have additional information that would help add to this project, please send it to me at


This project was started in May 2014, and will continue to grow indefinitely with your support.


This site utilizes Esri's 'Map Tour' and 'Countdown' Story Map Templates, and an open-source blueprint from Codrops. And don't forget my stellar GIS and coding wizardry!

Media Sources

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GITA - Roger Tomlinson Named Recipient of GITA's 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award


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