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About Me

I am a tinkerer, a hacker, an end-to-end implementer... with a passion for asking questions and problem solving.


Play Hard

I love getting outdoors and being active. Snowboarding is a long time passion of mine. Also, I enjoy extreme activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, rafting. As often as I can, I go fishing, golfing, paintballing, camping, and spend time with friends and family.

Problem Solving
Problem Solving

Work Hard

I have an aptitude for applying my diverse techincal competencies when providing solutions for organizations. GIS and web based solutions has been my primary career focus. I seek out opportunities to provide effective web/GIS/webGIS applications for people, which has endless future potential. I feel lucky to have found a career in something that I thoroughly enjoy.


Live Happy

I am always looking to gain wisdom by learning about and exploring new opportunities. This includes physically taking part in new adventures and doing new things, volunteering my time to diversify my experiences, taking part in hackathons and contests, regularly watching TED talks, and following new technologies and trends.


Ya, I've got them. Below are just my technical and personal skills most relevant to my recent endeavors.

Technical Skills

ArcGIS Desktop
ArcGIS Server
ArcGIS Online
Data Collection
Data Management
Data Analysis
FME Desktop / Server
Voyager Search
Web Development
Web Graphic Design
Web GIS Solutions
Database (Oracle / SQL)
Open Source
Open Data
Web APIs
Training Others
Being Awesome

Web Languages and Tools

Google Fusion Tables
Google Maps Engine
AGOL Story Maps

Personal Skills

Problem Solving
Holistic Thinking
Community Building
Forward Thinking


Here are some of the nice things others have said about my projects.

  • "I love the cemetery feature… I have been working on my family tree off and on for years and that feature is amazing!"

    — Public Individual (Regarding the Cemetery Viewer)

  • "Hi Evan - the new webpage is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! North Frontenac has finally arrived in the new era, I love it!! . . . Great job Evan, the webpage sure has matured since you've been here."

    — North Frontenac Township Staff (Regarding NorthFrontenac.com)

  • "Thanks to Evan for the excellent information regarding the upcoming eletions. The information provided is clear, concise and contains links to other sites should additional information be required. Good for us!"

    — North Frontenac Deputy Mayor '06-'10 (Regarding NorthFrontenac.com)

  • "Evan, Was checking links on our website and came across the new and vastly improved N. Frontenac site. What a great resource ! Congratulations to you and the N. Frontenac council for using technology to improve communication with constituents. . . Keep up the great work. Your constituents are being VERY well served."

    — Lake Association (Regarding NorthFrontenac.com)

  • "Hi Evan - you should be VERY proud. The website is amazing. We actually have a website to be proud of ourselves…"

    — North Frontenac Township Staff (Regarding NorthFrontenac.com)

  • "While speaking with [A woman locating an ancestor of hers], she advised the Township's webpage is one of the best she has ever seen and the easiest to navigate through to find information. This woman advised she has been on hundreds and hundreds of webpages in her genealogy search over the years and found our webpage one of the best. She advised to tell whoever is responsible for the webpage to keep up the great work."

    — Website Visitor (Regarding NorthFrontenac.com)

  • "I own a cottage on Canonto Lake. I love your new website. It's well organized and features all the beauty and things I love about North Frontenac. I especially like the weather and fire ban info on the main page. . . Good work."

    — North Frontenac Resident (Regarding NorthFrontenac.com)

  • "Thanks Evan. You're worth your weight in gold!" "Once again, you are worth your weight in gold. Much appreciated Evan."

    *That's about 3.5 to 4 million US dollars if you are wondering.

    — North Frontenac Township Staff

  • "I wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation to the Township for allowing small businesses the opportunity to access computer training with Evan Sepa. I had the privilege of having Evan provide three days of computer training at our Lodge and it was an invaluable experience. Evan always came prepared, was very patient and thoughtful, and he always followed through with any commitment he made, in particular, the step by step list he did for me on Excel. It was also a great convenience to have Evan come onsite. For me, it was wonderful to have the training done on my own computer and in my own workspace. Often, as the day went on, questions popped up on a 'number of little things' more specific to my work and needs which I believe would not have happened in another setting. It was a great experience."

    — North Frontenac Business Owner (Regarding Personalized Training)

  • "Just wanted to say Thank You to the Township for initiating the Computer and Internet Training Program with Evan Sepa. He was most informative and helpful in showing me solutions to my problems and how to use other programs. It was most helpful and enjoyable Thanks again."

    — North Frontenac Business Owner (Regarding Personalized Training)

  • "WOW! WOW! WOW! This is an excellent initiative and you should be commended for doing this. Keep up the great work!"

    — North Frontenac Township Staff (Regarding North Frontena Park Lands Campsite Maps)

  • "That is amazing. I think it will make life much easier for all, especially with the distance thing [Canoe Route Measuring Tool]. Many people call and want to know the distance from the launch to their campsite. The features you have included are fantastic. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this."

    — North Frontenac Township Staff (Regarding North Frontena Park Lands Campsite Maps)

  • "...Thank you, thank you. Tell Evan it's the best formatted e-agenda I have ever received. Do you mind if I get some other municipalities to call Evan to tell them how to put it together. I think it would be good for their members of Council as well. And at only 9 meg's it's an easy file to download."

    — Local Newspaper (Regarding Council E-Agendas)

  • "Wow - that's so awesome! If I ever have any other customers looking for something like this are you willing / able to be contracted out?"

    — Reservation System Provider (Regarding Web Development)

  • "...[Township Resident] added that the booklet was "absolutely fantastic" and that he wanted to obtain several copies to send to Americans. Kudos to you!!!"

    — North Frontenac Mayor '06-'10 (Regarding Municipal Brochure)

  • "...I will take please in showing it to relatives and friends in the GTA. Regards,"

    — North Frontenac Resident (Regarding Municipal Brochure)

  • "...[Person's name] lives in Lanark and is very happy with the green brochure you had made up. [They] would like to know where you had it made, how much it cost, etc.. as [they would] like to provide the information to Council in Lanark so they'll consider one similar in nature."

    — North Frontenac Township Staff (Regarding Municipal Brochure)

  • Sent to me - "Evan, thanks you for your efforts and excellent customer service. Much Appreciated."

    Sent to my Director - "I just wanted to let you know that Evan has been so helpful with getting my group up and running with ArcGIS Online. We have had some kinks getting the [Web Map] up and running but whenever we ran into an issue Evan has been on it right away."

    — York Region Staff (Regarding a collaborative AGOL project)

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